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The Management

Thai-Binh Nguyen, President & CEO

Mr. Thai-Binh Nguyen, also known as Binh, is one of the founders of DKNXT, Inc. With over 20 years of computer, server and network experience, he has created and built a business IT servicing company that brings technology to the small and medium sized businesses to the next level.

Augmenting existing technology and properly designing / assembling / configuring it together, solutions that once belonged exclusively to large enterprises are now available to the smaller businesses. And through the years, the organization has grown from a “mom and pop shop” to an organization with a team of desktop support personnel and a team of onsite systems network engineers to provide proper technical support for business clients.

To simplify verbiage and understanding of what DKNXT does, a dba of Your Tech Guys was added in 2007 which marked a new era of IT services and solutions. Binh began promoting the technology of virtualization to all Clients and trained his team in this new technology. He’s also added managed services and improved ongoing IT services to build proper relationships with business clients as technology makes it big leap and change.

IT expertise/capabilities, professional services, business functions, backups and maintenance have been the building blocks for the last 14 years. And now, on top of the building blocks of services, protecting data has taken over as the next core focus of Your Tech Guys. Therefore, in 2014, Binh wanted to start competing in the Cloud space, but did not want to reinvent the wheel and compete with the same product. As a result, he designed and put together a new disaster recovery hosted backup service for Windows Hyper-V VMs and now have expanded services to help build, maintain and, best of all, protect client data and function in a hosted and managed environment spanning multiple data centers.

The development of DKNXT, Inc. dba/ Your Tech Guys has been and continues to be a maturing process. Its growth comes from listening to consultant reviews of client networks and having a direct relationship with clients listening to what they want. Because a technology exist doesn’t mean it always fits and this is where Binh comes in. He has taken real-life experiences and IT expertise to design and develop technology solutions to help fit the needs of a client, but makes sure that the solution works!

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Mr. Steve Van, IT Engineer Lead & Manager

Mr. Steve Van, aka Steve, is the walking and talking example of apprenticeship. Though there are a lot of education that is available to take upon the role of an IT Engineer, Steve took both the education route and an apprenticeship route. Right out of high school, he asked for a position to help put gas into his car so that he can begin his route of education towards a career. Literally, his first job at DKNXT was to assemble office desks and doing odd manual labor jobs around the office. His interest in technology was fairly basic, but he took it as an opportunity to see if this would become his career.

Like any apprentice, when starting at zero, there is only one way and that is up. But, like any journey towards life’s achievements, there is a plateau that people hit. Steve hit that plateau a few years in and it was a true deciding moment where he would situate his life career based on the education he has obtained vs. the on the job training he had developed. Because of the plateau in his IT development, it really drove him away from IT and placed him a fork in the road that he had to start reflecting and eventually choose where he wanted to go.

It has been 10 years since he had started his apprenticeship with DKNXT. So, it’s pretty obvious where he chose his career at this point. But, after his reflection stage, he came back with determination that IT was, is and will be his career. And once he made that decision, his IT development plateau came to a complete end. IT peers and Clients, alike, witnessed a “click” in his IT deliveries and it was just awesomeness after that.

Steve now helps in the development of new hires in teaching them the proper procedures of setting up various systems ranging from PCs to servers. He helps with the design of virtualized environments and works with other managers and leads to develop proper support procedures to make sure that clients are cared for very well. He is one of the “go to” guys for start to finish projects revolving around enterprise level systems and networks. He does ongoing training with the various Microsoft and Cisco products and technologies. And he has a huge fan base from our Clients which always tries to contact him so that they can send thanks via cookies and cake.

On top of his IT accomplishments, he also takes on an extra full time nonpaying job at his local church working with the youth for the betterment of our future society.